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Ambient Architects

Turtle Panels - Pink Purple Torquoise

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Single Panel: 15.5ft x 15.5ft  Center length: 18.5ft 
Shape: Diamond
Material: Lycra/ spandex blend

Discover the enchantment of the Turtle Panel - a visual masterpiece with its intricate stitching, harmonious composition, and ingenious use of negative space. Embrace the allure of hexagons and intricate detailing that make these panels stand out as one of our most extraordinary creations.

The magic of the pink purple and pink/ purple/ teal Turtle Panel is obvious from first sight. The unique stitching, balanced composition and color combination that really  really inspires. We love the way the hexagons and all the detailing that makes these panels some of the most unique panels we create.

If you could paint a giant turtle, any color what would it be? We'll now is your chance! With our Customer orders you can create something unique and creative. Mix and. match colors from our swatches in a variety of combinations