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Ambient Architects

Straight shooters Diamond - Purple

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Single Panel: 15.5ft x 15.5ft  Center length: 18.5ft 
Shape: Diamond
Dimensions: 30ft x 30ft 
Material: Lycra/ spandex blend

Create colorful and affordable shade with the simplicity of our Straight Shooter Panels. Streamlined yet impactful, these panels bring a clean and modern aesthetic to any space, making them the perfect choice for those who appreciate straightforward elegance.

This panel redefines shade provision with their expansive coverage, ensuring a cool and comfortable environment for your outdoor activities. Enjoy ample shade (30ft x 30ft foot print without compromising on style, and ease making every moment spent outdoors a delight.

This listing is for our Diamond Shaped Straight Shooters. The Triangles are versatile for fitting into smaller spaces BUT the diamonds will create more shade with less joins. 


Note: This listing is for the Shade panels only. The Hardware and decor for our free-standing structure is avail separately in this store